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What should I do if my wife has postpartum depression?

01 1What should I do if a woman has a child with a postpartum depression?
02 2 Wife must be feeding after giving birth to a child. The nursing wife should eat milk with nutritious food to give the baby a drink, so the postpartum diet is light and nutritious, and the mother should eat nutritious and light food; at the same time,
03 3 In fact, pregnant women should practice yoga to reduce the body fat after the moon, and practicing yoga can change a person's state of mind, so women with postpartum depression can get rid of depression through exercise.
04 If the mother is suffering from depression, she can talk to her husband about her depressed mood. Many of the blocked things are just right. The mother should learn to seek the help of her husband, family and friends, and let the family know as much as possible.