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Do you know the taboos of jujube health?

01 1 First, women with less menstrual flow, or women with amenorrhea, should not eat red dates. Because the red jujube gas is collected on the body surface, it is used to expel cold evils and strengthen the skin's guard. And menstrual menstrual blood wants to be from the body.
02 2 patients with arthritis should not eat red dates. Because red dates also aggregate the role of the body's gas, it is easy to block at the joints of the human body, it is easy to block the operation of the gas, and increase the pain of the patient. So, suffering
03 3 If you are going to lose weight, or if you are losing weight, it is best not to eat red dates. We can taste the red dates that we usually eat. It is very sweet. It is conceivable that the sugar contained in the jujube is very rich.
04 There are many things like red dates in life. They have a high nutritional value and a certain medicinal value. They are good things to nourish health. But everything is two-sided, not suitable for all people. So,