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Eat bananas to lose weight?

01 1 Banana is a kind of fruit that can help reduce the intake of fat. All of them have a certain weight loss effect. But how to eat bananas is very particular. First, don't eat on an empty stomach. It is not good for the gastrointestinal tract.
02 2 Bananas with some other foods, such as milk, apples or banana vinegar, can balance nutrition and help to lose weight, but this method of weight loss is difficult to maintain, easy to rebound, only short-term effect
03 3 Banana is cold, so for people with spleen and stomach deficiency, it can not be eaten, it will increase the damage of the spleen and stomach. At the same time, bananas are not suitable for people with diabetes, which will aggravate the disease, and bananas can not be long-term.
04 Lose weight and temper, you can't mess with your own diet or eat fruit to lose weight, to be healthy, to achieve balanced nutrition conditions. At the same time eat bananas can not eat more or eat on an empty stomach, the most important amount is once you have eaten discomfort