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How to whiten white vinegar

01 1 When we use white vinegar to wash our face, we should first choose the right method. It is best to take the correct method of washing the face. We can pour the white vinegar directly into the water. We need to dilute the white vinegar when washing our face.
02 2 When using white vinegar to wash your face, we need to pay attention to the use of white vinegar is not too high, we can put a small basin of water, and then add a small amount of white vinegar, can be two spoonfuls of white vinegar, so directly and evenly rushed to our face
03 3 You can also apply white vinegar directly to the face as a mask. After washing your face, add white vinegar to a little water, then pounce on our face, press 揉 for 5 to 10 minutes. Then clean it with water directly.
04 What we said above is how to wash your face with white vinegar. We can use this method to give our face a whitening effect and also play a role in sterilization, but do not consume white vinegar.