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Drinking soy milk

01 Soymilk is cold, people with indigestion, hernia and kidney function are better. It is best to drink soy milk. In addition, soymilk can produce gas under the action of enzymes, so people with bloating and diarrhea should not drink soy milk.
02 Do not drink too much. Drinking too much soy milk at one time can easily cause protein indigestion, and there are symptoms such as bloating and diarrhea.
03 There is no brown sugar in the soy milk, because there are many organic acids in the brown sugar. They combine with the protease in the soy milk to make the protein denatured and precipitate, which is not easily absorbed by the body. White sugar will not have this phenomenon.
04 Some people like to use soaked milk in a warm bottle to keep warm. This method is not enough, because the warm environment of the thermos bottle is very beneficial to the bacteria. In addition, the soap toxin in the soy milk can dissolve the scale in the thermos bottle, and it will endanger human health.
05 Soymilk must not be taken with antibiotics such as erythromycin, because the two will antagonize chemical reactions, the interval between drinking soy milk and taking antibiotics is preferably more than 1 hour.
06 Don't beat eggs in soy milk. Many people like to beat eggs in soy milk, which is considered more nutritious, but this method is unscientific because the mucus protein in eggs is easy to combine with trypsin in soy milk.