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Egg Fort practice

01 1 Because, I am not very talented in cooking, so I made a lot of effort ahead of time. After many investigations and data query, plus many practices, I can finally make a good egg castle.
02 2 Start, prepare eggs, water, salt, the right amount, but also prepare the right amount of pork stuffing, onion, soy sauce, sesame, pepper and cumin, and other materials ready, you can start making, first, first
03 3 Then, put the flour, egg and water into the pot and stir into a slurry, then pour the oil into the non-stick pan, break into the egg, break the egg yolk, fry until the shape, but still have some sugar hearts,
After 04, use a similar method, pour the right amount of paste into the non-stick pan, fry for a while, add the meat, spread it on the cake, fry it with a small fire, and then, buckle the previous egg-baked cake.