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The correct way to wash your face with white vinegar

01 1 The first method of correct use of white vinegar is to wash your face with warm water every day. It is enough to choose a bottle of white vinegar. It is not necessary to pursue the brand. Mix white vinegar and warm water together.
02 2 The second method of white vinegar is to use with glycerin. Prepare white vinegar and glycerin to go to the supermarket to buy. Mix white vinegar and glycerin. Wash your face with white water and wash it with white vinegar. Wash it several times a day.
03 3 The third method of white vinegar is lighter and easier to operate. It is blended with white vinegar and warm water. It can be used in a watering can for three days. After washing your face in the morning and evening, gently pat the white vinegar on your face with your palm.
04 White vinegar method is more practical for most people, but there are a few people who are allergic to white vinegar, so be sure to pay attention to it. It is best to be suitable for this. Don't be stubborn. Do not use white vinegar every day.