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Tahini nutrition

01 1 Sesame sauce is a sauce made from sesame and cooked, and the sesame paste has a unique flavor. It is mainly used as a seasoning. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that sesame paste can supplement the vital energy, moisturize the five internal organs, and fill the lungs.
02 2 The sesame paste contains more protein and vitamins, so it has rich nutritional value. Not only that, the iron content in sesame sauce is several times higher than that of pig liver and egg yolk. Regular consumption is not only positive for adjusting the partial eclipse anorexia sesame sauce.
03 3 In addition, sesame paste is also rich in calcium, so the proper consumption of sesame paste is beneficial to the development of human bones and teeth, but it is worth noting that because of the high calorie and fat content of sesame sauce, it is not suitable.
04 It is recommended that patients must maintain a good mentality in daily life, avoid excessive mental stress and anger, in addition to the rules of life, strengthen exercise, limit alcohol and tobacco and irritating food (pepper, raw onion, raw garlic, etc.)