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What fruit to eat is the fastest whitening

01 1 The preferred one should be tomato. Because the tomato is rich in vitamin A and vitamin B, it contains a lot of carotene and vitamin C. And the tomato contains a natural pectin, which can make the skin white. Use tomato every day,
02 2 Secondly, it is necessary to count the lemon. Because the lemon also contains a lot of vitamin C and high potassium, as well as low sodium, it is very beneficial to the human body. Even though the lemon is very sour, the lemon honey water is really delicious.
03 3 Cucumber is also a tool to turn white. Cucumber can not only be used as a mask on the face, but also can be eaten. Because the cucumber contains a moisture in Dalian, it has a strong moisturizing effect. In addition, it also has a certain whitening effect. Of course
04 Yogurt can also help whiten. Because yogurt can supplement the nutrition of the face. I believe most people love to drink yogurt. There are also grapes, because grapes can promote blood circulation, and black grape seeds are also obviously whitening.