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DIY slimming soup at home

01 DIY slimming soup a required material: prepare for Alisma three money, Codonopsis five money, Huaishan four money, Hawthorn two money, car front three money (to be wrapped with cloth), lean meat eight two (do not
02 DIY slimming soup 2 required materials: preparation of water celery four two, squid one, Huaishan three money, fragrant sand kernel five money, fragrant with five money, 枳 chess three money (this can be bought at the pharmacy).
03 DIY slimming soup three preparation materials: a pair of chicken breasts, bamboo shoots cut 1 kg, 蛤蜊12 two, ginseng must be twenty-five grams of bamboo production method: first burn the chicken bones, then the blood and oil