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Nutritional value of chicken liver

01 1 The nutritional value of chicken liver is very high because it contains certain protein and calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, vitamin a and vitamin b. Then the iron in creatinine is rich in certain blood, and
02 2 Regular consumption of chicken liver can timely supplement vitamin B2. At this time, it is mainly to supplement the coenzyme needed for our body weight. Vitamin b2 has a certain metabolic effect, so it can help our skin grow and play a certain role.
03 3 There is also a kind of vitamin C and trace element selenium in creatinine. These two elements are not able to appear at the same time in general meat foods. Then we can use inosine to enhance our immune response, iron in creatinine.
04 What we said above is the nutritional value of chicken liver. So the chicken liver is not only worth eating. It can also prevent and cure some diseases that we have. For example, they can protect the eyes and enhance our