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The effect of chicken bone grass

01 1 chicken bone grass has a certain historical effect of yellowing due to liver disease, this time our face will appear yellowing, when the urination is also due to the fire, the color of the urine is also yellow, this time
02 2 Chicken bone grass can also clear away heat and detoxification, soothing liver and relieving pain, patients with liver disease, such as fatty liver, or liver cysts, etc. These patients can use chicken bone grass, then the chicken bone grass itself is toxic
03 3 The taste of chicken bone grass is slightly bitter, so it is mainly to go back to the stomach and stomach. So the chicken bone grass is very good for liver disease, usually if there is stomach pain, we
04 What we said above is the effect of the chicken bone grass. When using the chicken bone grass, we often use it directly for the soup to have a certain therapeutic effect. We can also directly select some Chinese patent medicines, including chicken bone grass.