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What to eat fast impotence

01 1 Aphrodisiac drugs are not recommended to eat, so to kidney and impotence, it is generally recommended to use the method of food supplement. Diet conditioning, mainly by eating more foods with aphrodisiac effect, life, aphrodisiac food
02 2 To be aphrodisiac, you can eat bullwhip, sheep kidney, lamb, beef, dog meat, etc., but it is not recommended to make up for a while. It is recommended to eat more properly in the usual time. In addition to meat, there are many aphrodisiac in vegetables.
03 3 In the diet, eat more epimedium, shrimp, yam, green onions, walnuts and turtles, etc., can also play a role in aphrodisiac. If you want to be faster, you can also try to use the nine-series,
04 Men should be aphrodisiac. They should eat more foods rich in phospholipids and rich in zinc. In addition, vitamins and cellulose can also be aphrodisiac. In addition, sexual life should be avoided too often.