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7 kinds of food can not be eaten with eggs

01 Do not eat sugar immediately after eating eggs. There are many places where you can eat sugar and poached eggs. In fact, it will make the amino acids in egg protein form a combination of fructosyl lysine. This kind of substance is not easily absorbed by the body, so it will
02 Do not eat persimmon immediately after eating eggs. After eating eggs, eating persimmons will result in food poisoning, which will lead to acute gastroenteritis and lung stones. In general, eating these two foods will cause the above vomiting and diarrhea.
03 Do not drink soy milk immediately after eating eggs. Every morning, mothers will prepare breakfast for their children. I hope that children can get enough nutrition in the morning. So many mothers will enter the plumeria in the soy milk.
04 Don't eat goose meat or rabbit meat eggs after eating eggs. You can't eat them with meat such as rabbit meat or goose meat. Li Shizhen said in the \"Compendium of Materia Medica\": \"Eggs and rabbit meat are leaking.\" That is because
05 Do not eat oysters and eggs immediately after eating eggs, there are many taboos, because usually less can be used to match and little known. For example, eating meat after eating eggs can also lead to food poisoning.
06 Do not eat anti-inflammatory drugs immediately after eating eggs. Eggs are rich in protein. Pay special attention to protein intake when inflammation occurs. So when inflammation occurs, remember not to take medicine after eating eggs. Especially digestive diseases, diarrhea
07 Don't drink tea immediately after eating eggs. Many people like to use tea to ferment after eating eggs. Especially those who like to drink morning tea to wake up. But at this time, in fact, you neglected a little, that is, after eating eggs