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What to eat, whitening skin

01 1 First, we can eat some tomatoes, because there are some elements in the tomato to prevent the appearance of sunburn. If there is no sunburn, then we can whiten it, and the nutrition of the tomato is very rich, and the way of doing it can also be done.
02 2 Secondly, we can also eat some lemons. Lemon is also good for our skin. It can help us turn white from the inside out. This is very important for us. We can also use lemon to soak in water.
03 3 Finally, we can go to the doctor. For the doctor, what we can eat can be whitened. We can change according to what the doctor said. We must know how to do it. We should not be afraid of trouble. If we are afraid of trouble, then we will
04 Whitening also has a lot of things to pay attention to. First of all, we must have sunscreen. We don't want to be sunburned. We have to be white, we need sunscreen. Then we can drink some lemonade, which will help us whiten.