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What to eat for the kidneys

01 1 First, you can eat black beans. Black beans contain a lot of trace elements. These trace elements can not only supplement the trace elements needed by the human body, but also have the functions of anti-aging, lowering blood pressure, helping digestion, clearing away heat and detoxifying, etc.
02 2 Secondly, you can eat some angelica. Angelica is a common Chinese herbal medicine house in Chinese medicine formula. It contains no components such as n-butenoyl lactone and nicotinic acid, which can improve the kidney's own protective ability, and can also promote renal tubular function and reduce
03 3 Finally, you can eat some black sesame in the diet. The black sesame is rich in amino acids, providing the energy needed for human life activities. It has the functions of promoting human metabolism, improving kidney deficiency, preventing anemia, and activating cells.
04 In order to increase kidney function and protect the kidneys in life, it is necessary to maintain good living habits and adequate sleep, less smoking and drinking, and regular physical exercise to enhance human immunity and eat more nutritious food such as vegetables and fruits.