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Nourishing food

01 1 There are many foods for nourishing yin. The most common foods are wheat, black sesame, lily, mung bean and other mineral-rich foods. Tofu, soy milk, dried bean and other soy products also have the effect of nourishing yin. In addition, pork and duck meat,
02 2 Our most common boiled water not only promotes the body's metabolism, but also regulates body temperature, especially after drinking a cup of water in the morning. The benefits are very good, and it can improve constipation, skin pigmentation, etc. Milk is also a good choice.
03 3 In the advancement of nourishing yin, we should also develop good habits in daily life, so that we can have a regular life, have a diet, and don’t stay up late. When faced with the pressures and difficulties in life, we must learn to be rational.
04 If women have severe symptoms of yin deficiency, they must be prescribed under the guidance of a doctor to have targeted treatment. At the same time, supplemented by food supplement, eat more foods that have nourishing effect, it is the method of health care for women.