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Is it vegetarian?

01 1 In recent years, vegetarian eating habits have gradually been loved by the public, especially female friends who are full-bodied, to achieve weight loss with vegetarian diet, eat more fiber-rich foods such as vegetarian food, vegetables and fruits, and lose weight.
02 2 But there is a degree to eat, and the combination of vegetarian and vegetarian is best. The meat contains protein, iron, and calcium, which are all needed by the human body. It is also good to eat some meat properly, and secondly it is good.
03 3 People are always okay in life, so the protein needed by the human body will be insufficient, the body will decline, and the immunity will decline. Therefore, people should also eat some meat food properly, in coordination with appropriate sports.
04 There must be a degree in eating in life. Food is indispensable for the human body. If you want to achieve a balanced diet, you should not picky eaters. Try not to eat some health care products, and strengthen your physical activity to achieve a healthy state.