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Nutritional value of pigeon eggs

01 1 The first one is that this pigeon egg contains high-quality protein and vitamins, so it has the effect of improving skin cell activity and elastic fiber in the skin, and can also improve blood circulation function. Pigeon eggs are rich in nutrients.
02 2 is that for those women who have anemia and irregular menstruation and lack of blood, if you can eat this pigeon egg in peacetime, you can not only have the effect of beauty and emollient, but also can cure the disease.
03 3 There is also a walnut that we want to eat when we want to eat something. The effect and effect of walnut is not limited to the brain, but also has some other effects, but this pigeon egg also has this brain-filling effect.
04 Finally, we have to say that for women and children, it is certainly not wrong to eat more pigeon eggs, but we must pay attention to this good thing, and definitely can not eat too much.