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How to send sea cucumber

01 1 In general, the method of dry sea cucumber hair is not complicated. Take out the dried sea cucumber purchased and rinse it with water. After all, it is too long to leave outside, and some dust remains. Then use pure water for 24 hours.
02 2 After the sea cucumber is soaked, it is cut open. It is usually cut from the abdomen and cut longitudinally. The purpose is to remove the sand mouth of the sea cucumber, which is the tooth at the front end. Then use a clean and oil-free one.
03 3 Generally speaking, it can be boiled with medium heat. It takes about half an hour to turn off the fire. At this time, don't take it out, use the lid for a while. Wait until the natural cool, then use water to soak 24
04 The above is a detailed introduction to how to make sea cucumbers. It can be seen that the sea cucumbers are relatively simple, but each link needs to be taken seriously, so that the original nutritional value of sea cucumber can be maintained without causing nutrient loss.