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What kind of fruit is good for alcoholic liver?

01 1 If the patient has alcoholic liver, you can eat apples for a relief. The main reason is that apples are rich in vitamins, minerals and cellulose. At the same time, apples contain antidiarrheal and hangover effects. They are used for alcoholic liver patients.
02 2 If the patient has alcoholic liver, you can use some fruits that are rich in vitamins, trace elements, and also have antioxidant properties, and are good for the repair of liver cells. These fruits have grapes, etc. and the grapes can also be reduced.
03 3 Banana is a kind of fruit rich in protein, sugar, potassium, vitamins, dietary fiber, etc. And bananas contain substances that promote the regeneration of liver cells, and can also improve the immunity of patients and can play a role in the liver.
04 1. Alcoholic liver should not drink a lot, avoid the seriousness of alcoholic liver, so drinking is good, but drinking a lot, it is not good. 2. If you have alcoholic liver, you must treat it through effective methods to avoid