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How to make calcium for the elderly

01 1 First of all, when we give calcium to the elderly, we can take diet and eat some foods rich in calcium. Common foods are soy products, dairy products and seafood, because I have included in these foods.
02 2 Secondly, many merchants on the market have come up with many calcium-containing preparations in order to meet the needs of many people. These calcium preparations can quickly help our body absorb calcium in time to achieve calcium supplementation, but we must pay attention to taking it.
03 3 Finally, when supplementing calcium for the elderly, we can use some traditional Chinese medicines for calcium supplementation, such as common plaster, keel, mother-of-pearl and turtle shell, but because they contain more calcium in these drugs, it cannot be absorbed.
04 When the elderly supplement calcium, we must pay special attention to the elderly to be exposed to the sun in order to promote the absorption of calcium to the human body. At the same time, in the daily life, give the elderly more soups such as large