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These fruits must not be anxious to eat.

01 Kiwi gently presses the ends of kiwi with finger belly. If the feeling is no longer hard, the compression is slightly deformed, but it is not very soft. At this time, it is the best edible state of kiwi. For kiwifruit, it is popular among fruit growers.
02 The color of the banana skin is completely yellow, and the fruit is full of fruit. At this time, the banana is best eaten. But the banana is easy to turn black, so you can choose to have a little bit of it when you buy it. Generally, with a \"green shoulder\"
03 Nanguo Pear gently presses Nanguo Pear with his fingers. If you can feel the elasticity and smell the aroma of wine, this is the best time to eat Nanguo pear. Nanguo pear has obvious “post-ripening” characteristics.
04 Persimmons are “soft” and “not sturdy” are important signs of mature persimmons, but such persimmons are not conducive to harvesting, transportation and storage. Immature persimmons contain a lot of soluble tannins (tannic acid), tannins.