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When is bird's nest best?

01 1 The best time to eat bird's nest: In the morning, it is best to take it in the morning after washing up in the morning. When taking the bird's nest, the bird's nest will be fully absorbed into the body, and the nutritional value of the bird's nest will be maximized.
02 2 If the stomach is not good or people who are losing weight, then it is recommended to eat bird's nest on an empty stomach at night. At night, eating bird's nest on an empty stomach can also help to absorb and play a role of good sleep. When eating bird's nest at night, it can be accompanied by milk.
03 3 The best time to eat bird's nest is to keep two hours before meals or two hours after meal, and keep a certain distance from the time of eating, so that the nutrition of bird's nest can be fully absorbed, and it can also help the stomach and intestines.
04 Need to remind everyone that the bird's nest does not eat too much at one time. The best way is to eat it once a day in the morning and evening. You can eat it at a time, and you must stick to it. It takes a while to eat bird's nest.