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White vinegar whitening method

01 1 In this process, the water we use should not be too hot, nor should it be too cold. The warm water is most suitable. In the prepared warm water, 4-7 drops of white vinegar are added. The amount is determined according to the amount of water, but it is not suitable.
02 2 After washing, put the cleaned hands and face into the warm water with white vinegar prepared in advance, soak it for about five minutes, then change it with water and rinse it. Continue to follow this method.
03 3 In order to make the skin more healthy and shiny, whitening alone is not enough, so there is one effect of white vinegar water, which is to remove the stratum corneum. Many people may not pay attention to this, as long as it is in warm water.
04 This method of washing your face with white vinegar is mainly to pay attention to the fact that when pouring white vinegar into the water, it should be appropriate. It should not be excessive. The so-called extremes must be reversed. Adding too much white vinegar will cause damage to the face, such as the normal size of the home.