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Five kinds of foods are wrong to take care of constipation

01 Yogurt: Yogurt is rich in nutrients and can help with bowel movements. However, if you eat fresh yogurt, it will help laxative; but if you eat expired yogurt, it will cause constipation.
02 Spirits: The effect of spirits on the human body is the most difficult to explain. However, a small amount of spirits can help lower the level of bad cholesterol and improve the cholesterol content.
03 Peas: Beans can lower the total cholesterol in the blood, but peas increase the viscosity of the blood. Therefore, those with higher cholesterol should eat less peas.
04 Apple: If you only eat one apple a day, it will help clean the intestines and ensure smooth stools; you can eat too much, which will cause diarrhea.
05 Pork: Many people think that pork has high fat content and is not easy to digest. In fact, pork can be digested under the normal body temperature of the human body, while beef and mutton will increase the body temperature and digest it more vigorously. In addition, some people think that the cholesterol content of pork is high.