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What happens when the peach eats more?

01 1 Although the peach itself is warm, it will make people feel full when eating too much. Therefore, it is best not to eat greedy for patients with digestive diseases such as cholecystitis and chronic gastritis. In addition, before eating peach
02 2 In addition, people who are prone to get angry are more prone to abdominal pain after eating peaches. Therefore, if you take peaches for dinner, it is easy to get angry, and suffer from dry mouth, thirst, sore throat and other fire symptoms.
03 3 Finally, peaches have the effect of simmering and moistening the intestines, and the fruits in the peaches contain a lot of pectin, which can promote bowel movements and improve constipation. Therefore, spleen and stomach are weak and diarrhea is the main performer.
04 It is recommended that patients can take more vitamin A intake in their daily diet. In addition, patients should be calm in their mentality and avoid excessive anxiety, so as not to affect the recovery of the disease.