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Four points to pay attention to when eating healthy breakfast

01 Breakfast can also be very simple. Don't think of making breakfast as a headache. Breakfast doesn't require such high cooking skills. Take a few minutes to fry an egg and cook a bowl of simple noodles. As long as you can take it with ease,
02 Avoid eating breakfast Not eating breakfast is a common problem for many busy office workers. A balanced breakfast can promote your body's metabolism and give you the energy you need in a day.
03 Must have fruits or vegetables. Every person should eat at least 5 kinds of fruits or vegetables every day. Similar to bananas, strawberries and vegetables that can be eaten simply by washing. If possible, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices can be used.
04 Record your breakfast record your preferences and attempts to breakfast, which will help you to enhance your understanding and feeling of energy for breakfast. You can also take a photo of your breakfast and upload it to a circle of friends.