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What should women pay attention to during menstruation?

01 1 Don't eat cold, cold food. I think everyone knows this because menstruation is a special period. The body is relatively weak. Eating cold food will aggravate the discomfort of the body and even aggravate the phenomenon of dysmenorrhea. Serious
02 2 Eat more protein-rich and nutritious things, the reason is very simple, this period of physical weakness requires adequate nutrition and energy, like eggs, milk, meat are good. There is too much blood loss during menstruation, should eat more
03 3 Eat less sugar or food with higher sugar content, because sugar will affect the hormone level in the body, which will cause unstable metabolism or disorder in the body, which will make your mood fluctuate greatly. It is recommended to eat more bananas. Banana can not only let
04 To maintain a good mood during menstruation, diet must be light, avoid spicy food, spicy food will make our blood vessels dilate, so that the menstrual blood loss is too much, the body is not easy to reply.