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What will happen if plums eat too much?

01 1 Eat more alkaline food, or drink some water to neutralize stomach acid. Remember to let plums and honey and fries eat together. This is very unhealthy and will damage liver function, and people will feel very bad.
02 2 Eat three to five a day, remember not to eat more. If you can't help it, you can buy some processed plum meat and glutinous rice. This processed food is slightly better than eating it directly. Although plum is delicious, eat more.
03 3 You can also drink some liquor or drink a bottle of musk positive gas. It should be helpful. These alcohols can help neutralize stomach acid and reduce the harm caused by eating too much plum.
04 Those who are weak should not eat more plums. Pay attention to moderate amount. Do not eat with honey. Eating more food can cause too much stomach acid in the stomach and damage the health of the stomach. Polyacids can also cause dental caries and cause tooth pain.