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What is the cause of obesity?

01 1 We walked on the street, often seeing mother and daughter or between father and son, are very fat people, the main reason is because of genetic factors, if the mother is too fat, then her child is also very easy
02 2 Some people are obese due to diet. In the diet, excessive consumption of high-fat and high-calorie foods leads to the formation of obesity. Whether it is eating too much or eating less, it must be noted in the diet.
03 3 Some people are born very fat, because these fat people do not exercise in time, do not consume the body's calories, it is easy to cause the accumulation of fat, especially the increasing appetite, will not get slimmer
04 The harm that obesity causes us is great. It is not only the appearance but also the psychological health of the patient. Then we should pay attention to the usual life and diet conditioning. Swimming more helps us consume more.