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The role of egg shell

01 1 egg shell is actually a traditional Chinese medicine, so in the traditional Chinese medicine, the egg shell is mainly able to play the role of creating a soft, can go to acid and pain, kidney and bone, we need to stop bleeding when there is a wound, then this time
02 2 There is a thin layer of skin in the egg shell, so this thin skin also has a certain effect. It can nourish yin and moisten, and can play the role of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, especially when there is a dry and dry cough.
03 3 egg shell has a certain hemostatic effect, but also can be an acid, mainly for patients with 12-intestinal ulcer, it has a certain pharmacological effect, can reduce the symptoms of patients, then 12-gut patients can be sure
04 What we said above is the effect and function of the egg shell. So in the process of using the egg shell, we must pay attention to it, it is best to clean the egg shell. Then go to the powder, which has certain convergence and hemostasis.