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The efficacy and function of honey

01 1 Now many female friends also like to drink honey water, because honey water can not only be used for long-term beauty treatment, but also can achieve the effect of weight loss. Honey is also sweet. Why can it achieve weight loss? This is because honey contains enzymes to promote digestion.
02 2 If you have children at home, you can drink honey water every day. Children who take honey water for a long time can improve their memory. Drinking honey water can improve memory mainly because honey water contains a substance called acetylcholine because it not only
03 3 We said earlier that honey has a certain moisturizing effect, so if someone in the family has bronchitis or bronchitis, you can drink a cup of honey water every day or a spoonful of honey every day. If you insist on taking it every day, you can also play it.