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Let the vinegar dishes not put MSG

01 The vinegar can't put the taste of MSG and the taste is obvious. The vinegar added more dishes can't add MSG. Because MSG is not easy to dissolve in acidic environment, and the more acidic, the lower the solubility, the worse the umami effect. So sweet and sour pork tenderloin
02 Mix cold dishes should not put MSG in the temperature of 80 ° C -100 ° C to fully play the role of fresh. And the temperature of cold dishes is low, MSG is difficult to play, and even directly adhere to the raw materials, tasteless and disappointing.
03 MSG is salty and not sweet. Under the proper sodium ion concentration, the taste of MSG can be more prominent. Therefore, the taste of MSG can be delicious in the salty dishes, but if you put MSG in the sweet dish, not only