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What can I eat for long hair?

01 1 A friend with less hair should ensure balanced nutrition and diversification in the usual diet to meet the nutritional needs of the hair. This is very important. Many people have less hair because of malnutrition, chicken, eggs,
02 2 Other familiar foods that can be born are black sesame seeds and walnuts. Regularly eating black sesame seeds and walnut kernels can promote hair growth. Ginger also has the function of hair growth. You can wash your hair with ginger water. If you insist on it, you will find that the hair is slow.
03 3 Everyone usually eats some vitamin-rich foods, especially vitamin E, which can promote hair growth. Bananas, soybeans, soy products, peanuts, honey, pumpkins, nuts, and green leafy vegetables all have a lot of vitamins.
04 In addition to eating, everyone should pay attention to rest, to ensure sleep time, because long-term staying up late, it will lead to hair loss, make hair less and less, but also maintain a good mood, but also conducive to hair growth.