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Kiwi and kiwi

01 1 Kiwifruit is mainly produced in China, and kiwi may be a kind of invention by foreigners, mainly through the analysis and cultivation of kiwi seeds. The shape and color of kiwi and kiwi look very similar.
02 2 The distribution of velvet velvet is relatively uneven and rough. It is not as comfortable as kiwifruit, and the surface is still somewhat slippery. The price between them is also different because kiwifruit is sold.
03 3 When eating kiwi and kiwi, the time of use is different. Kiwifruit can only be eaten after maturity, so the taste is sweet and sour, and kiwi is compared when he uses it.
04 What we said above is the difference between kiwi and kiwi. When kiwi and kiwi are eaten, although kiwi and kiwi are similar, we can distinguish them in time.