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How to eat red dates

01 1 The first one is this red date honey cream, this can help us prevent sleep, if we sleep badly at night, drink soup before going to bed to eat jujube, have the effect of speeding up to sleep, first prepare two pounds of red dates, wash and go nuclear
02 2 Then there is the use of this jujube tea, which can play the role of this qi and sputum. We will drink this red jujube after brewing black tea, which can treat the effects of stomach cold and stomach pain. If we put in the longan, we will
03 3 There is also the use of this jujube boiled egg, you can play the role of this blood and beauty, red dates and longan blush sugar, to the date and this longan, when playing an egg, continue to use a small fire
04 Finally, we have to say that this jujube has a lot of benefits for health, but we must pay attention to the right amount, and different ways of eating can have different effects, we can try it.