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What to eat detox

01 1 The first one is this honey. We know that this honey is rich in a variety of nutrients, which can help our body to relax and detoxify, and the main ingredients in this honey are glucose and fructose.
02 2 Then there is this lemon. We know that this lemon is rich in vitamin C and various acidic substances. After reasonable blending, it is still a very effective weight-loss substance. It is especially suitable for detoxification of the intestines. We use the right amount of water.
03 3 There is this red bean jujube porridge, we know that this red bean can pass through the small intestine to urinate to swell, and it has the effect of regulating menstruation and lactation, which is not effective for women with irregular menstruation and lactating women's milk, so this pair
04 Finally, what we have to say is that in addition to detoxification with food, plus sweating and drinking water, the detoxification effect will be more effective, but we must stick to it no matter what.