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Several wrong drinking methods of soy milk

01 1 can not add brown sugar in soy milk. Brown sugar contains a lot of organic acids, and organic acids combined with protein in soy milk will produce protein precipitation. So you can't add brown sugar in soy milk, you can add white sugar, honey, etc., add white sugar.
02 2 Soymilk should not be drunk. Because soy milk contains a lot of protein and is higher than the protein content of other foods, too much protein in one time will cause the burden of digestion and absorption system. It is best not to drink more than 300 ml at one time.
03 3 Can not use soy milk to wash eggs. Many people think that the combination of soy milk and egg must be a very good nutrition breakfast, in fact, the protein in the egg and the trypsin in the soy milk will produce substances that are not easily absorbed by the body, thus
04 Generally, everyone drink soy milk is ready to buy. If you are cooking soymilk at home, you must cook the soy milk. If you drink uncooked soy milk, it is easy to cause diarrhea and vomiting.