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Analysis of dietary contraindications for people with poor stomach

01 Patients with gastrointestinal dysfunction of corn and chips should pay attention to it. There are many foods that can't be eaten in daily life. Commonly, there are corn, French fries, pumpkin, green pepper, cucumber, etc. These foods are for ordinary people.
02 Do not eat spicy food. In daily life, patients must pay more attention and be careful in the diet. In particular, some foods that are too spicy and irritating need to pay attention. These foods are very harmful to the stomach. In addition, pay attention to it.
03 Avoid meat and food. If you have a bad stomach and can't eat anything, you must pay attention to regular eating habits, so that you can better protect the gastric mucosa and protect the gastrointestinal function. Therefore, experts suggest that gastrointestinal dysfunction occurs.