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What is the fastest blood sugar for children?

01 1Children's anemia depends on what causes it. If it is partial eclipse, picky eaters, malnutrition. Long-term diarrhea, enteritis, various infections, etc. can lead to iron deficiency anemia, you must choose iron-rich foods such as ferrous sulfate, hydatidiform mole
02 2 Everyone knows that the liver is rich in various nutrients, especially the high iron content. Each 100 grams of pig liver contains 25 mg of iron and is also easily absorbed by the body. There are also various lean meats, although the lean meat contains iron.
03 3 Each 100 grams of egg yolk contains 7 mg of iron. Although the iron absorption rate is only 3%, the egg raw materials are easy to obtain, easy to eat and preserve, and also rich in other nutrients. The use of iron in animal blood such as pig blood, chicken blood and duck blood.
04 In addition, you can also eat a variety of green leafy vegetables, sesame paste, sesame paste, red skin peanuts, fungus mushrooms, etc., can also be used for diet, such as pork liver lean porridge, spinach pig liver soup, ginseng lotus porridge, black dates