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Nutritional value of earth eggs

01 1 soil egg is grown by the chicken in the natural environment, so the raw egg quality is better than the average egg. The egg production of the chicken is generally less and the water content is less.
02 2 These two substances can promote the metabolism of cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, long-term adherence to eating can prevent various cardiovascular diseases and heart disease. The content of trace elements in earth eggs is relatively high, which can supplement various kinds of human body needs.
03 3 But be sure to pay attention to tea eggs must eat less tea is acidification, for the gastrointestinal is irritating, children and the elderly eat one a day can be adolescents and adults to eat two per day is appropriate, do not eat too much
04 Replenishing these high-quality proteins every day can enhance people's physical resistance and make them healthier. Feeding children a soil egg every day can enhance their resistance and make children less sick.