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Be careful! 10 kinds of mistakes can be fatal for breakfast

01 Soybean milk with soy milk fritters is our old traditional breakfast, and is also a favorite of many office workers. However, eating soy milk fritters for breakfast is a big mistake, although it can add a morning energy, but it leaves a lot for the body.
02 Western-style fast food Western-style fast food such as hamburgers, fried chicken wings, etc., has always been the dietary preferences of the fashion crowd. And now many fast food restaurants also provide door breakfast, such as hamburger plus coffee or milk, black tea, convenient and taste good.
03 Snacks Due to lack of time or choice of taste, some people will choose to prepare some snacks and drinks for breakfast. This is the most unscientific breakfast mix. Drinking carbonated drinks for breakfast will cause excessive calcium excretion in the body.
04 Leftovers, many office workers will do more during dinner, cook fried rice the next morning, or heat the rest of the food. This breakfast is convenient to make, rich in content, basically the same as dinner, usually
05 Milk fruit In order to lose weight, many women will choose breakfast without too much fat, or even a simple cup of milk plus a fruit. But milk and fruit not only do not play a good role in weight loss, but even because of improper selection of fruit, triggered
06 Qing porridge lacks protein, sodium content is high-definition porridge, although there is no high oil problem, but the porridge with pickles, bean curd, etc. are often too salty, sodium content is too high, and processed foods add preservatives, often eat easily damage liver
07 Biscuit snacks lack water and nutrients. Snacks are mostly dry foods. For people who are in a semi-dehydrated state in the morning, it is not conducive to digestion and absorption. The main raw material for snacks such as biscuits is cereals. Although it can provide energy in a short time, it is very
08 Bread milk blood sugar rises fast, easy to get tired of bread, whether salty or sweet, the oil content is quite a lot, and the sugar is too much, and after careful processing, the nutritional value is not high. The breakfast with too much sugar will make the blood sugar rise quickly.
09 Too cold fruit and vegetable juice in the morning, the night's yin is not removed, the earth's temperature has not yet risen. The muscles, nerves and blood vessels in the body are still shrinking. If you eat and drink cold food at this time, you must make each body
10 Too spicy food In the morning, the stomach should try to avoid being stimulated. The food that is too spicy is obviously hurting the stomach. This is definitely a taboo for breakfast.