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The role and efficacy of honey citron tea

01 1 The first one is to help us stop cough and phlegm. Both honey and grapefruit can pass through our lungs, so that it can clear away heat and relieve phlegm and relieve cough. It is especially suitable for those who have cough and phlegm.
02 2 Then there is something that can help us to hangover, because this grapefruit has the effect of hangover, and it can effectively help detoxification after drinking. It needs special waking here, not to say that after drinking honey citron tea, it can be a thousand cups.
03 3 There is also the ability to help us with beauty and beauty. This grapefruit contains a lot of pectin and vitamin C. These substances can alleviate fatigue and beauty, and also increase the metabolism inside the body.
04 Finally, we have to say that this honey citron tea has many functions. The main reason is that honey citron tea contains many nutrients, so we can drink some in moderation and don't drink too much.