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Steamed corn cob nutritional value

01 1 After the corn is steamed, it contains a lot of magnesium, and the magnesium will have certain benefits for the peristalsis of our intestinal wall. Frequently eating steamed corn cob can make our body too slim and not obese, then
02 2 Corn contains a certain amount of linoleic acid. In the millet feed, the linoleic acid content is very high. If you can eat more corn with friends, the protein content in corn is very low.
03 3 Regular consumption of corn can produce a certain sense of satiety. Corn can be used as a staple food. It can also be directly made into corn flour or corn cake. The vitamin E content is very high, so in our
04 What we said above is the nutritional value of corn. In the process of steaming corn, we must pay attention to mastering the heat. When the water is opened, we can pour out the pot directly.