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What nuts are good for winter?

01 1 First of all, if we want to eat nuts in the cold season, we can choose almonds to eat, because new people have the effect of lowering cholesterol and laxative, so we can eat almonds in the cold winter, and we can also eat more walnuts because
02 2 Secondly, if we want to eat nuts in the cold winter, we can also eat chestnuts and hazelnuts, because chestnuts have the effect of tonifying kidney and impotence. Eating chestnuts in the cold winter is good for our kidney deficiency, and the scorpion is good for children.
03 3 Finally, in the cold winter, we can eat peanuts. Peanuts not only help us to improve our beauty, but also have a good effect on qi and blood, so we can eat more nuts in the cold winter.
04 When the cold winter comes, we must pay attention to the right amount when eating nuts. Don't eat too much. At the same time, when eating nuts, we can eat some fruits to supplement the water in our body.