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What is better for elderly patients with hernia?

01 1 For patients with senile hernia, be sure to pay more attention to the diet, eat some warm food, do not eat cold, banned to eat hard and raw food, these have a certain impact on the patient's condition.
02 2 For patients with suffocation in the elderly, it is best to eat more and eat less, eat some nutritious food, which is good for the body. For patients with suffocation in the coming year, pay attention to keep a happy
03 3 Patients with senile hernias have many requirements in addition to diet. For patients with suffocation, it is necessary to pay attention to proper exercise, improve their resistance and immunity, and pay attention to exercise.
04 The elderly suffocation is a disease that the elderly often love. Everyone must pay attention to timely treatment, but also pay attention to their own diet. I wish you can maintain a good body and spend the rest of your life.