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What can I eat without eating persimmon?

01 1 Under normal circumstances, persimmons should not be eaten with sweet potatoes, eggs, goose, etc., otherwise it will cause vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and other symptoms. Persimmons are generally not rich in protein foods that cannot be eaten together, although persimmons
02 2I can't eat persimmon after drinking alcohol. Because persimmon is cold, and wine is bitter and bitter. If the same food can cause discomfort, alcohol in the stomach will stimulate the intestinal tract to cause secretion, while persimmon is
03 3 Persimmon and sweet potato are not easy to eat together. Because sweet potato contains more starch, a lot of stomach acid mucus will be produced in the stomach of the person after eating. If you eat some persimmon, the sediment will accumulate and form agglomeration.
04 Many people feel that they are more willing to chew persimmon skin while eating persimmon skin. Persimmon skin is not easy to eat. Because the persimmon fruit contains tannic acid on the persimmon skin, tannic acid is the sin of the persimmon stone.