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The difference between Pu'er cooked tea and raw tea

01 1 The raw tea of ​​Pu'er tea refers to the Chen tea which was directly made into Pu'er tea after being killed by the fermentation process. It must be at least 3 years old to be able to drink. The cooked tea of ​​Pu'er tea refers to Pu'er.
02 2 The daily health effects of these two kinds of tea are very different. The raw tea of ​​Pu'er tea can help us clean up the intestines and help us improve our fat reduction. It can have the effect of reducing weight and reducing blood pressure. It is suitable for many regular mental fatigue.
03 3 and Pu'er tea's cooked tea has the function of lowering blood sugar and lowering blood pressure, preventing arteriosclerosis, and can prevent constipation in the stomach. It is suitable for some middle-aged and elderly patients. After fermentation, Pu'er
04 This kind of poor drinking method of Pu'er tea is also very particular. Usually, you should not drink cold drinks. The temperature of drinking must be appropriate, and it is very important to keep the gap clean.