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Body odor may be caused by eating the wrong food

01 Red meat As of now, scientific research has found that the sweat of carnivores is more scent than the sweat of vegetarians. The scent of vegetarians is weaker and has an overwhelming advantage in preventing body odor.
02 Curry, cumin As the main seasoning in Indian cuisine, spices with strong odor such as curry and cumin can cause this pungent odor to emanate from the pores, which is more prone to body odor.
03 Garlic Garlic is a kind of stinky food. It can be said to be “notorious”. When the garlic is cut or chopped, there will be a compound called “Allicin”. After eating, the allicin is decomposed.
04 Asparagus. The sulphide, a sulphide contained in plants such as asparagus, asparagus, and asparagus, is decomposed in the digestive organs and causes urine to smell when it is discharged.
05 Cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli, cabbage, squash, etc.) are not only rich in nutrients and various antioxidants in cruciferous vegetables, but also cruciferous vegetables are scientifically considered to be very resistant to cancer.
06 Onion onions are often used in different recipes. The odorous substances will enter the bloodstream after being digested. At the same time, they will enter the lungs and cause the exhaled carbon dioxide to have an odor. It is easy to cause the population to smell. But if the onions do not need raw food.